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Introducing the Z Center of Excellence

Saghi Amirsoleymani

September 12, 2023

Mainframe technology is integral to the operations of so many businesses across industries and geographies, supporting and running some of the most critical parts of software infrastructure. But as time goes on, organizations are increasingly running into a problem—it’s getting harder and harder to find mainframe, and even IBM, expertise to help solve some of the most pressing mainframe challenges. Leaders within those organizations can end up feeling helpless, with nobody to turn to for guidance to identify where they’re getting things right or wrong.

At Rocket Software, mainframe technology is at the center of everything we do. And the unique relationship our organization has cultivated with IBM, particularly through the use of IBM Z, over the course of more than three decades has enabled Rocketeers within our own organization to cultivate and develop a level of expertise in the field that is unmatched across the broader industry.

As an impending skills gap lurks for those who understand and use mainframe systems like IBM Z, Rocket Software is turning its attention to helping solve this problem. We’re proud to launch our Z Center of Excellence (“zCOE”), dedicated to sharing our Rocketeer’s expertise, insights, and guidance for customers as they navigate the complexities that come with mainframe modernization.

Establishing a New Standard of Excellence

Centers of excellence, as described by Gartner, are a physical or virtual center of knowledge concentrating existing expertise and resources in a discipline or capability to attain and sustain world-class performance and value. It’s those resources within Rocket Software that are in the right position to help better serve those who rely on IBM Z infrastructure, highlighting new tools and techniques along with the right set of practices that can help organizations better manage their mainframe needs while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

The zCOE at Rocket Software is comprised of 30 of the foremost IBM Z experts, 19 of which are IBM Champions—a distinction that requires participants to apply annually and meet criteria outlined by IBM, and of which there are only 700 in the world. It is specifically for those who “demonstrate practical expertise in IBM technologies while providing extraordinary support and advocacy in IBM digital and local communities.” The experts at Rocket Software bring a passion for IBM Z that gives customers access to a truly ‘white glove’, concierge-level of experience when engaging with the zCOE.

Each member of the zCOE is more than a product evangelist they’re at the top of their field and experts in getting the most out of the mainframe in every way. Beyond just being a resource for those in need of IBM Z support, the zCOE members will also play an active role in developing thought leadership and helping guide the broader mainframe industry conversation, establish best practices for customers, and conduct research and development to deliver impactful recommendations. Members will serve as educators to clients, helping establish company-wide standards and practices that will lead to the successful adoption of the latest IBM Z.

Preparing for a Future Built with IBM Z

The zCOE marks an important milestone for everyone at Rocket Software and reflects the successful partnership we’ve shared with IBM for well over three decades. As we unveil this new program, we encourage every Rocketeer to explore and engage with the zCOE to learn how our experts can help drive business success, not only internally, but with customers and across the entire mainframe industry as well.

Check out how Rocket Software and the Z Center of Excellence are prepared to help you modernize without disruption. To learn more about the zCOE, reach out to Saghi Amirsoleymani.