How To Make Your Business Programmable

September 30, 2022

Want to dive into API management, what it is, why you should care and how to get started? If you answered yes, then we’ve got a thought-provoking podcast for you. Introducing the Digital Disrupted Podcast, a weekly podcast sponsored by Rocket Software, where the host, Paul Muller dives into the unique angles of digital transformation – the human side, the industry specifics, the pros and cons, and the unknown future. Paul asks tech/business experts today’s biggest questions, from “how do you go from disrupted to disruptor?” to “how does this matter to humanity?”

While I encourage you to check it out and scroll through the dozens of topics available, I’d like to recommend this one, Making your Business Programable. If you depend on a MultiValue app and aren’t using APIs, take the time to listen and discover the possibilities.

I hope you’ll agree that listening to this specific podcase is 36 minutes well spent! I listened to it while walking my dog. Use the link above or search for Digital Disrupted however you access podcasts.