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Future proof your core business application

March 7, 2023

At the core of your business, your MultiValue (MV) application includes the business logic and rules to effortlessly handle your organization’s unique workflows and automation. While MV applications have stood the test of time, it’s time to modernize these applications.

Most MV applications have moved beyond the green screen. These days, MV applications have GUI front ends (maybe your app has even been through more than one iteration of a graphical front end).

Keep in mind that your MV application’s User Interface (UI) is never done; the UI is what makes the first impression on your customers, prospects, and new hires. For ISVs selling their applications to new accounts, you don’t want a dated GUI, the face of your application, to be what keeps your feature-rich application from being competitive.

And increasingly, you’re being asked to refresh your application with a modern web front end and integrate it with other systems, including third-party apps and modern hardware like tablets and smartphones, but you don’t know where to start.

See how Rocket Software can help you address these challenges by modernizing your MV app while minimizing risk, cost, and time to market, AND maximizing ROI.

Read the Rocket Software Business case for modernization whitepaper for a better understanding of today’s modernization options. Rocket Software can help you establish the path forward, no matter where you are on your modernization journey, for your application and business. The time has never been better to modernize.