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Mary Schulz

November 15, 2023

In this latest release, v2.3.0, you’ll benefit from several enhancements we’ve made to the new online editing feature:

  • Enhanced user experience: We’ve hidden the "Add New Server" button when you right click on a BASIC program file in explorer. Why? Because rather than adding a new server at the file level, best practice states you should add a new server from the root node or from the configuration file rather than from a file node.
  • Find the files you need to edit more quickly since you can now sort BASIC program files in Explorer – super handy when you have too many files.
  • Ensure your program works as you intend it to thanks to optimized warning messages for some incorrect operations. Better error handling? Yes please, and in a more readable, meaningful message to help you understand what error occurred.
  • In previous releases, MV BASIC for VS Code allowed you to configure different server nodes (not same server address) with the same name. When trying to connect to a server, this could potentially cause confusion. In this latest release, we’ve added support for unique server names in the online configuration file, making it easy to find the correct server.
  • The Code-Lens feature (great for finding a symbol’s references complete with a link above the symbol, can help you jump to the reference), by default, is off. Don’t worry, if you use Code-Lens, you can easily enable it. But many of our customers told us that their BASIC program contains too many symbols, or their BASIC program is complex and that the Code-Lens feature provides too much information, making the file hard to read.
  • Added Language Server Protocol (LSP) support related to INCLUDE statements.   
    LSP provides editing related features for MV BASIC for VS Code including “go to definition”, “completion” and “formatting”. For “go to definition”, you can click a symbol to find where it is defined. You can also click a file name in an INCLUDE statement to open that file. For example, for the statement “$INCLUDE BP HEADER”, you can click “HEADER” to open the file “BP/HEADER” in the editor to view its contents. So, with v2.3.0 even when you’re in online-editing mode, you can open the included file from INCLUDE statement, just like you can in offline mode.

MV BASIC for VS Code 2.3.0 also includes 10 legacy bugs fixes / customer issues. The issues below have been resolved.

  • Custom documentation could not be refreshed automatically.
  • The confirmation dialog is repeated twice when an opened account is different than the connected one.
  • Format keyword case should not impact user defined functions.
  • Goto / Peek definition could not find target when "File associations" is configured.
  • Incorrect prompt message for "Connection" button at bottom left in online editing mode.
  • Incorrect prompt message when connecting to U2 server in online editing mode.
  • BASIC program file could not be found in some cases when working in online editing mode.
  • Deleting the port setting and refreshing the online editing configuration will cause extension exit with exception.
  • U2 connection lost but the “connection” icon’s status is still “connected”.
  • Ignores the quote mark (“{}”) in the debugging dependencies when the content is empty.

For more information on future MVVS releases and to collaborate with fellow MVVS users, please visit the Rocket MVVS: MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code forum.

Where can I get Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code?

Please visit the VS Code Marketplace to download the free Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code extension today.