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D3 Linux Installation How-To Video Series

November 29, 2022

Ever had trouble installing D3 Linux using D3_setup? We've just posted a series of videos on our Rocket YouTube channel providing a guided tour, making D3 Linux installation MUCH easier. Watch to learn how to bypass D3_setup's Configuration menu and load D3 dependencies manually. These videos are based on some Knowledge Base articles in the Rocket Community Portal. Plan to watch all six videos in the series. The first video at just over eight minutes is the longest, while the rest are much shorter. They cover:

  • The D3 Linux pick0 file
  • How those elements relate to the items on the D3_setup config menu
  • Using fdisk, parted and other Linux utilities to create raw disk partitions and logical volumes for use with D3
  • using the yum utility to load D3's dependent packages

Click here to access the playlist.