Benefits of Release Management

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Predictable and reliable software delivery are some of the many benefits of automated software release management. Rocket release management helps IT organizations see to it that every software release is safe, well defined, and that unpleasant surprises are minimized. But the benefits of release management don’t stop there. A good release process encourages good practices. The build, deployment, and release cycles, when fine-tuned, are predictable and precisely support business goals.

Another benefit of release management is that it expedites the release cycle. A shorter release cycle is less expensive, gets updates into the hands of staff or users faster, and helps make the business more nimble.

It may appear that there’s a conflict between getting releases out the door as fast a possible and minimizing risk. This conflict is often more apparent than real, however. Having Rocket release management tools in place provides the benefits of rapid releases while reducing risk. Besides reduced cycle time, the benefits of release management include fewer defects, increased predictability, excellent compliance, and reduced costs. Quality is higher when testing and release processes are structured, repeatable and enforced. With Rocket flexible workflow engine, release management, processes can be customized to the needs of the organization. Once in place, the system will ensure the appropriate processes are followed.

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Managing approvals can easily become a bureaucratic nightmare, but not with effective release management software. We make keeping track of necessary approvals easy, whether it’s tracking approvals required or tracking approvals accrued. The system notifies the appropriate staff members when they have an approval waiting. Release management removes the tedium inherent in manual red-tape tracking of approvals while ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

It’s not always possible for teams that work together to meet face-to-face. Release management tools allow teams to share information and interact almost as if they’re in the same city, even when they’re actually scattered around the globe. It’s not just physical distance that creates barriers; teams in the same building sometimes have problems working together. Collaboration between departments is an important aspect of lowering the risk of every release, and Rocket release management software provides the tools that make the environment understandable for both technical and nontechnical staff.

Many organizations are required to comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI or HIPAA. Audit trails of all change activity are essential. The audit trail needs to specify where each line of code originated or who has changed code. Detailed information about approvals may be required. Release management facilitates compliance without compromising the rapid release cycle. The benefits of release management include the comprehensive traceability that makes compliance easy.

Inefficient technology costs an organization dearly in lost time and customer dissatisfaction. A less-than-optimal system accrues costs in the form of extra maintenance. If a system requires constant maintenance but never really gains new functionality, the maintenance effort is largely wasted. Rocket release management tools allow you to analyze how effective your release practices are and they give you everything you need to improve them. Problems can be identified as soon as they occur and can be rectified immediately. Automating the release cycle and making it a repeatable process makes it faster and more dependable. Software is higher quality, planning is easier, and the entire procedure is more economical. Profitability is higher while risk is lower. Rocket release management software doesn’t just strengthen IT: it benefits the entire organization.

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