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4 Reasons the Rocket Team Is Grateful This Year

Tracey Leahy

November 24, 2021

The holiday season is officially here, and across the globe, the Rocket team is excited to celebrate with our friends, family and fellow Rocketeers. Our core values of empathy, humanity, trust and love shine even brighter during this season of giving and we are reminded of everything we have to be thankful for here at Rocket.

This has been a busy year for everyone, and we may not have had the chance to slow down and appreciate each moment fully. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the amazing Rocket community, and share just four of the many things we are grateful for this year.

  1. Our customers, who are moving the world forward every day

Each day, millions of lives are touched by Rocket supported technology during simple tasks like visiting a bank or their doctor. Our customers are moving the world forward and making people’s lives easier, and we are grateful to play a part in those interactions. We are proud to support almost all of the Fortune 50 companies with our products and services, companies that play critical roles in industries from education to manufacturing.

Our customers make the world a safer place, help people get the products and services they need, and connect the world through technology and transportation. Our mission has always been to put people first, which is why we are grateful to support more than 10 million IT and business professionals to run their most critical technology so that they can better serve their own customers, day in and day out.

  1. Partnerships that make us all stronger

Building relationships is our top priority, and the partnerships that we’ve created and maintained this year have made all involved stronger. We work hard to ensure partners receive the enablement and support they need to be successful and ultimately benefit our mutual customers. In turn, the network we've built enables greater breadth of access to our offerings.

These lasting relationships are essential to help Rocket customers take advantage of the digital economy. Together, we empower our customers to embrace digital transformation by working closely to share our industry expertise, improving outcomes for each party involved as a result. We look forward to developing more true partnerships in the future and deepening the ones that have been so successful to date.

  1. A culture of inclusivity and acceptance that helps us thrive

Rocketeers are creative, original and innovative people and they bring those skills to helping each other and our customers every day. We are grateful to work at an organization that celebrates what makes us different and facilitates an environment where those differences can thrive. We welcomed our new senior director of inclusion, diversity and equity this year, Sharra Owens-Shwartz, who has furthered our RIDE initiatives and helped each Rocketeer to play a role in fostering inclusivity.

Events like Rocket.Build and our Women Leaders in Tech Coffee Talks bring us together across our day-to-day teams to connect on a new level and co-create the community we want from a workplace. Those are always moments of immense gratitude for the passion Rocketeers exhibit for making the world a better place in innovative ways.

  1. The opportunity for growth and change this year has brought

This year was full of opportunities for growth and change for Rocket as a company. We were busy welcoming over a thousand new team members with our acquisition of ASG Technologies and celebrating the milestone at their annual EVOLVE user conference. With this addition, we can expand our idea of what is possible for the future of Rocket to help more users and improve businesses’ capabilities with their mission critical technology.

Rocket also recently acquired the database and tools products of Zumasys, allowing greater innovation at scale to protect the investment enterprises have made in MultiValue products and future-proof the entire MultiValue ecosystem. This was another chance for Rocket to support our customers more fully and provide them with greater business value with the technology they already have.

Additionally, we welcomed our new CEO, Milan Shetti, this month after our co-founder and CEO for 32 years, Andy Youniss, took on his new role of Chairman of the Executive Board. We are grateful to have thoughtful leadership to guide Rocket, and for the opportunity to enter this new era of our story.

Happy holidays and thank you to the Rocket community!

We hope that after another busy year, everyone is taking the time this holiday season to have gratitude for all they accomplished and the support they have around them. We certainly are at Rocket, and we appreciate each and every one of our teammates who made this year possible! Happy holidays from everyone at Rocket, and we look forward to seeing what 2022 brings.