Rocket CorVu

Rocket CorVu

Rocket CorVu is a family of business intelligence and enterprise performance management products and solutions

CorVu business intelligence solutions help organizations transform high volumes of raw data into meaningful information to help organizations identify new opportunities, act on critical issues, and modify failing processes. Rocket BI and Analytics solutions include application developer-focused products and end user enablement and deployment products.

CorVu NG is a stand-alone solution for developers that offers an advanced visual application development platform to create extensive and intuitive user interactions for communities of end users. CorBusiness, HyperVu, and CorPortfolio work together to provide a design and deployment environment more suitable to business users/non-developers.

CorVu enterprise performance management solutions help organizations to transform static document and spreadsheet-based strategies into actual strategy execution-complete with automation and mobile access. You can define, communicate, assess, and manage your key objectives, initiatives, and operational metrics while empowering your users to understand current performance, evolve corporate strategy, and collectively contribute to the improvement of operating results.

CorStrategy, CorRisk, and CorProject can be deployed most effectively in unison to provide full coverage of your strategic tracking needs. CorPlanning allows you to drive resource allocation more effectively throughout your organization and assists in your budgeting and planning processes.

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