Rocket CorVu

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Take control of your strategy
Capture and automate the processes that drive business performance
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Avoid risky business
Mitigate risks associated with projects, initiatives, and business strategies
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Get your processes out of the stone age
Automate, simplify and control planning and budgeting processes
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Power to the user
Interactive BI analysis and reporting for end-users
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Stay ahead of the pack
Next-gen BI solutions

Transform Your Business Plan Into a Performance-driving Entity

To succeed in an ever-changing world, your business plan must stop collecting dust on your shelf and become a living, breathing entity with which to drive your success.

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Business Intelligence and Data Visualization for Rocket UniData and UniVerse

Rocket CorVu NG delivers powerful business intelligence, data visualization and high-impact analytics natively from Rocket U2 data sources.

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Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

Our Rocket CorVu suite of performance management products makes scorecard automation easy—turning you into a scorecard superhero. Visit our balanced scorecard resource center to see how we can help you.

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