Rocket UniData

A MultiValue application platform for fast, flexible & secure applications

Organizations rely on Rocket® UniData® for scalable business apps that can evolve as needs change. As a stable, secure, fast data server engine with high availability and low administrative overhead, Rocket UniData is ideal for fast development using modern tools. On-premises or in the cloud, UniData serves nearly a million users worldwide.

Performance by design

Rocket UniData’s unique and resilient architecture delivers major performance advantages over traditional SQL databases. It offers variable-length records and tables within tables so you can organize data in a natural manner. This means easier database design, while also eliminating the constraints of SQL normalization.UniData's direct-read capabilities make it faster than many other databases and results in fewer I/O operations compared to SQL. The efficient data access and dynamic allocation of available computing resources help UniData maximize throughput across all tiers of your implementation.

Because records in UniData have variable length, less data is transmitted across the entirety of the system. Less transmitted data means mobile applications are more responsive, replication (for disaster recovery, high availability and more) is more efficient, and the performance of your applications are not weighed down by excessive movement of data.

Rocket UniData runs on a variety of Microsoft Windows®, and UNIX platforms including RedHat Linux®, IBM AIX®, and others.

What’s New in Rocket UniData 8.2

New and enhanced features of UniData 8.2 give you more ways to address constantly-changing needs:

  • Performance improvements including dynamic array performance enhancements and multiple index optimization
  • Python language support, now for AIX and Solaris, gives your developers the ability to code using this popular open-source language and includes v3.7 of the Python libraries
  • Security enhancements include new protocols such as TLSv1.3 and the SHA3 encryption algorithm
  • Default, self-signed root certificates for deploying Rocket SSL-capable products
  • EDA enhancements give you more databases to choose from when storing your MV data externally
  • Enhanced audit logging helps you document compliance with regulatory and internal SLA requirements
  • New UNIX monitoring tool for detailed monitoring of individual processes
  • Plus bug fixes and more!

Rapid development means rapid returns

UniData includes multiple, easy-to-use programming languages (including Python) with multiple standard supplied interfaces (Node.js, .NET, Java, ODBC, JDBC, RESTful via JSON) for multi-tier solutions. Accelerate your teams’ productivity by selecting the best development tools based upon your staff’s capabilities.

The MultiValue Application Development Platform accelerates the speed of application development allowing you to respond quickly to new requests from the business or technical teams.  And because MV is so stable and efficient, most customers find they can easily manage UniData with a lean administration staff.

Security is paramount

Rocket embeds the most effective security standards for encryption technology deep within the data server, so your data is secure no matter its location, and whether in-transit or stored on disk.

SSL/TLS secures connections to the MultiValue server and encrypts data in transit for protection against snooping or eavesdropping. Upgrade today to gain Open SSL 1.1.1 support and the ability to create self-signed certificates.

Automatic data encryption ensures only trusted users with the encryption key can view data.  Stolen data is rendered useless without the encryption key.

UniData also offers role-based security for users accessing the application. Implementing and maintaining these capabilities is simple and efficient, with minimal effort from your DBA.

Auditing capabilities within UniData provide traceability and proof of actions, helping with compliance documentation for regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR and Sarbanes-Oxley. Audit logs cannot be changed once written, providing complete audit trails to external auditors. Auditing policies can be modified “on the fly” (by authorized personnel only) without restarting the database. You can trap and trace attacks or data misuse originating internally or externally to your organization when they occur.

High Availability/Disaster Recovery

To ensure business continuity in the event of planned and unplanned outages, your applications and data need to be protected and recoverable. Rocket UniData HA/DR solutions were designed help you recover from an outage quickly and with minimal business impact. Using a publisher/multiple-subscriber model, UniData HA/DR replication is flexible, easy to understand, and easy to maintain.  HA/DR solutions can even be configured with delays to protect from inadvertent operations mistakes.

Extend the UniData server tier with:


Fast track application development


Comprehensive .NET interfaces for UniVerse


Modernization, enhanced performance, and 24x7x365 uptime


Drivers and native APIS for JDBC and ODBC


RESTful Web Services with developer and administrative tools


Quickly integrate, renovate, or transform character-based applications

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