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Rocket® Terminal Emulator

Highly configurable terminal emulator at a fraction of the cost

Rocket® Terminal Emulator (formerly Rocket® BlueZone®) provides anywhere access to host systems with a broad set of deployment options to fit your needs:

  • Rocket Terminal Emulator (Web Edition): Secure, browser-based emulation on any PC, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition): A feature-rich alternative for users who prefer a thick client.

Rocket Terminal Emulator also runs within the Zowe™ Open Source Software Framework, ensuring these users have an enterprise-class emulation experience.

Rocket Terminal Emulator's favorable pricing, robust feature set, and industry-standard security make it an ideal enterprise-wide replacement for your current terminal emulator.

Do you trust your terminal emulation vendor?

Lower your costs

Rocket Terminal Emulator is licensed for flexibility. Our licensing model gives you:

  • A choice between Rocket Terminal Emulator's Web Edition or the Desktop Edition, or a license that includes both
  • Concurrent or named user options
  • Subscription or perpetual license options
  • Upgrades are always included with your maintenance

Our pricing leads the industry because we know that while critical, terminal emulation can't break the bank. Unlike some vendors, we work together with our customers. From pricing to support to additional sales, we value trust over audits, and partnership over litigation.

With decades of experience and tooling designed to streamline the migration from your current emulator, we can ensure a smooth transition to an enterprise-class alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Easy to manage

The burden of emulator administration can be lifted with Rocket Terminal Emulator. Our intuitive interface lets you centrally manage:

  • Session management: Create and manage multiple host sessions.
  • User-authentication management: Select from Rocket, LDAP, Microsoft SQL Server, SSO, or no authentication.
  • User and group management: Create, manage and assign users to groups, granting access and setting configuration options. Support for batch imports and management.
  • User controls: Manage settings like record/edit/add scripts, create host sessions and customize sessions.
  • Advanced administrative controls including security configuration and logical unit (LU) management.

Secure, compliant access

Rocket Terminal Emulator ensures secure access to your core systems and data. Its built-in security features provide:

  • Compliance with industry standard cryptography protocols
  • Support for single sign-on SAML 2.0 Post and SAML 2.0 Redirect
  • Multi-factor authentication support through Okta and Duo
  • SSL/TLS and SSH connectivity to any compliant FTP server
  • Optional SSL/TLS encryption and authentication for FTP, Telnet, and other persistent TCP/IP protocols