Save millions by improving your auto-adjudication rate by only 1 or 2 percentage points

RPA with rapid ROI for your IBM® zSystems

Tedious, repetitive, manual claims processing bogs down talented employees, wastes enterprise resources, and could make you liable for regulatory penalties. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) could be the answer, but distributed RPA tools don’t offer enough value to justify your time-and-money investment.

RPA tailored to the mainframe

At Rocket® Software, we have 30-plus years of mainframe expertise. We put all that know-how into creating an RPA solution that can perform repetitive IBM zSystem tasks faster, more accurately, and more consistently than ever. It’s called Rocket® Process Automation (IBM Z Edition).

With Rocket Process Automation, you can:
Boost productivity by accelerating transaction processing
Speed up throughput on a wide range of business operations, such as claims processing, payments, and call center response times
Reduce employee turnover by freeing talented people to perform more satisfying, meaningful work
Decrease error rates by minimizing manual user input
Improve customer service by letting reps focus on high-value interactions while automation takes care of mundane tasks
Avoid fines and penalties by leveraging RPA to comply with regulations

It’s the only RPA solution for IBM i and IBM zSystems that delivers quick, significant ROI

Here’s how Rocket® makes RPA easy and effective for claims processing on the mainframe.

Rocket Process Automation is “low code”, so it’s simple to automate your IBM zSystems workflows; you don’t need to know to build automation right into your claims processing workflow.

It features reusable web services that integrate with other RPA platforms, such as UiPath™ and Blue Prism®.

It automatically ensures the integrity of your data and the business logic of your IBM zSystems app as functionality is updated or changed.

Creation of robots is straightforward, with tools that enable business users — not just programmers — to design the automation.

Rocket Process Automation (IBM zSystem) can scale to support thousands of sessions on a single platform, with both persistent and non-persistent connections.

Best of all, significant return can be realized quickly. Instead of incremental improvements to your auto-adjudication rate, jump up to the high 80’s or even 90’s percent automation rate and save your company millions of dollars every year.