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Rocket® Virtual Tape Advanced Recall

Slash run times for batch workloads

When jobs request virtual tape data residing on physical tape, the corresponding volume must be mounted and the data set migrated back to disk cache, causing a delay for all jobs requesting data not already in cache. Rocket® Virtual Tape Advanced Recall® (VTAR) software can pre-stage migrated virtual tape data and eliminate virtual tape recall wait time.

Faster virtual tape recalls

Virtual recall mount time is about 200 to 300 seconds for each recall. Even with a data center daily hit rate of 94 percent, the time savings can be significant. By eliminating thousands of small delays a day, VTAR can save hours a day in wait time.

Drastically reduce periodic cycle times

Workloads with limited frequency are more likely to be migrated from cache because of inactivity, and therefore require the most recalls. The windows for workloads will suffer from the additional processing time necessary to service the recalls. Rocket Virtual Tape Advanced Recall eliminates this wait time and allows these periodic cycles to run faster.

Postpone or eliminate cache upgrades

By optimizing the recall of virtual tape data sets, Rocket Virtual Tape Advanced Recall helps make more effective use of existing virtual tape cache and can eliminate or postpone expensive virtual tape hardware cache upgrades.