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Rocket® Virtual Data Recovery LE

Tapeless virtual tape library with data recoverability

Rocket® Virtual Data Recovery® LE (VDR LE) is a limited version of Rocket Virtual Data Recovery designed to allow tapeless virtual tape systems to achieve full tape-based backup, thus receiving the most ROI from a virtual tape investment. Rocket VDR LE ensures the advantages of Virtual Tape Library (VTL) technology are realized and removes the risk of data loss resulting from DASD or unit failure.

Rocket Mainframe

Flexibility in formats, backup and recovery

Rocket Virtual Data Recovery LE (VDR LE) stacks data in native format for device and vendor independence and portability. Data can be read in place on a native tape drive by the application, or so that the data can be restored to any VTL (tapeless or tape-based), Automated Tape Library (ATL), or native tape. And because the data is on tape, it can be easily transported to an alternate recovery site should the primary site be unavailable for any reason.

Further, VDR LE creates one or two backups of the selected original data sets. One copy can be kept in the vault and the other copy can be kept on site for faster recovery, or each backup can be sent to separate vaults for safekeeping.

VDR LE also recovers data automatically and quickly by restoring from the existing backup media (which requires no data movement), or copying the backup data sets to another virtual tape library or other tape media. If duplex VDR LE backups have been created, VDR LE can recover from either backup.

Continuous auditing

Rocket VDR LE establishes a relationship between the original data set and backup copies. VDR LE monitors this relationship to ensure that all targeted data sets have a matching backup, and recognizes when an original data set has expired so that the matching backup data set can be expired as well.