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Rocket® SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA)

Fast track application development

Rocket® SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) is a tool for rapidly building robust business solutions. It simplifies development of applications by offering both a standard format to follow when writing code as well as shortcuts that produce suggested code based on user-selected options. Cost of ownership becomes lower, code reusability goes up, and software enhancements become easier.

SB/XA: The Basics

Business logic modeling

With Rocket SB/XA, developers focus on modeling business logic using high-level tool and process definitions. After defining business rules, defaults, and data validations, developers can reuse them, bringing consistency across the application. SB/XA’s rapid development tools keep business logic independent from the application’s look and feel. SB/XA lets developers choose the best interface format and design, whether it is character-based, graphical or even over a mobile device, without having to make changes to the application. Lay out the screen and apply default styling–or create your own–for identifying mandatory fields, intuitive help, Microsoft® Outlook®-style menus with favorites, and more.

Deploy and secure applications with ease

Click-once deployment delivers upgrades and centralized configurations when users start the application, without the need to touch each PC. Centralized configurations include the details of data access, and can be created locally, imported, or copied from existing configurations. Streamlined administration and configuration screens use screen tabs for more effective navigation.

Rocket SB/XA makes security simple by allowing users to authenticate once for access to client, middle tier, and application server. Developers can pick the authentication approach that best fits the environment, including Microsoft Windows®, SB/XA, or Windows domain-level. Data and processes can be secured at the group, user, process, or data field levels.

It's easy to do more, faster

Rocket UniVerse customers can take advantage of National Language Support to store data in many character sets. Together with multi-language translation, the application can be displayed in various languages without regard to the way the data is stored.

Developers can extend or replace the standard controls included in Rocket SB/XA with third-party .NET controls or custom controls in order to customize the look of their applications with no need to change the business logic underneath. You can report out data in Microsoft Excel®, Word®, or XML Paper Specification (XPS) formats, and email Query Reports in Microsoft Excel® or XPS format directly from the XPS report viewer. You can even take advantage of integration to Microsoft Outlook calendars and appointments.