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Rocket® AccuTerm®

The most popular terminal emulator for MV just got better

Access your MultiValue app anytime, from any device

New user interface

Your users will love our tear off tabs, drag and drop windows, and new Visual Studio Code color schemes.

Enhanced security

AccuTerm 8 includes OpenSSL, new encryption libraries, plus the latest cryptography to protect your valuable data.

New in AccuTerm 8
ReZume Session Resilience restores your existing session if your network connection drops, so you can keep working without asking IT to intervene
Use VS Code integration via MV Basic for syntax highlighting, IntelliSense and program formatting for BASIC code development
Access From Any Device: Run your MultiValue application over the Web, in the Cloud and embrace Software as a Service (SaaS) with our new HTML5 browser interface

Boost your productivity with visual styles, a full-featured GUI development environment, robust automation interface, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripting