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Rocket® VSAM Assist®

Improve backup, recovery, and migration performance for VSAM applications

Now you can manage your entire virtual storage access method (VSAM) environment without the need for extensive technical experience. Rocket VSAM Assist software simplifies and improves VSAM data management and maintenance processes with just two simple commands: DUMP and RESTORE. Data backup and recovery for VSAM applications is a breeze.

Rocket Mainframe

Radically simplify VSAM data management and maintenance

Everything is easier with Rocket VSAM Assist. You can can quickly back up multiple VSAM data sets to a single file and validate structural and logical integrity at the same time. You can also back up and restore multiple data sets with a single command, and restore data sets with different characteristics.

VSAM Assist is flexible, allowing you to shape it to your data, applications and operations. Fast read/write technology reduces the time required to back up and restore data sets, enabling more frequent backups. You can back up and restore alternate indexes by data set name or by association with the data set’s base cluster. Take advantage of logical backup/recovery to implement more granular protection for data protected by physical, volume-level local or remote data mirroring technology.

With Rocket VSAM Assist, VSAM backup/recovery and maintenance becomes a business tool instead of a technical chore.