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Rocket® Mainstar® Volume Clone and Rename for Db2

Clone Db2 subsystems in minutes instead of days

Many applications have critical requirements for quick and accurate IBM® Db2® subsystem cloning. Rocket® Mainstar® Volume Clone and Rename software allows administrators to clone entire Db2 subsystems quickly and easily, in minutes instead of days. Clone all or select table and index spaces to meet the need for production or development copies, recovery initiatives, reporting, or testing.

Rocket Mainframe

Save time. Reduce risk. Improve Db2 performance.

Using current techniques, IBM® z/OS® data cloning can require the better part of a day. With the ever-increasing demand for usable Db2 clones, you need an easy, automated data cloning process that has minimal downtime. Now you can clone entire Db2 subsystems or select table and index spaces quickly and easily with Rocket Mainstar Volume Clone and Rename for Db2 (VCR) and reap the benefits, including protecting Db2 uptime, limiting resource usage, and improving DB performance,
Eliminate the fear of Db2 downtime. VCR can simultaneously clone data from the production system while creating and renaming a copy at a new destination — without disruption to business-critical applications. VCR performs fast non-intrusive Db2 system cloning and data refresh for critical database-management systems to support 24/7 availability. VCR uses storage-based fast-replication facilities to copy data without using host CPU and I/O resources. It performs Db2 metadata, and data set rename operations so that the cloned Db2 system can be used on the same or on a shared system.

Improve performance by using the Db2 system clone to improve production performance, offloading business and “read-only” processing from production systems. Cloned Db2 systems can also be used to stage data-warehouse loads and to create test maintenance environments that aid problem determination by validating procedures and system integrity before they are applied to production.