Rocket Mainstar FastAudit

Prevent data loss in your IBM z/OS environment

Rocket® Mainstar® FastAudit is a data integration solution that enables high-speed, accurate, and flexible audits of your IBM® z Systems® data—reducing or eliminating single points of failure. Storage administrators can maintain healthy metadata environments and prevent temporary or permanent loss of data access. With fast, accurate metadata audits, your IBM® z/OS® environment stays trouble-free.

Rocket Mainframe

Avoid outages and ensure data integrity with easy, fast audits

Without fast, accurate, reliable audits, you risk losing access not only to your IBM zSystems data but also to your migrated DFSMS and DFSMShsm data. In the typical mainframe environment, DFSMShsm manages hundreds of thousands to millions of data assets. As the amount of data grows, the role of DFSMShsm becomes increasingly critical. Using FastAudit, you can keep DFSMShsm running smoothly and accurately, and you can achieve these goals in a minimal amount of time and resources.

To avoid serious outages, you need a powerful yet easy-to-use audit and maintenance program. Using Mainstar FastAudit, you can keep track of the health of your metadata structures, prioritize the auditing of business-critical data, and improve productivity by customizing and automating error correction. You can determine the CPU cost of reading incomplete and unneeded records, maintain data integrity with a built-in error-verification process, and more.

Identify and resolve corruption issues early

Mainstar FastAudit is more than 60 times faster than the DFSMShsm AUDIT and Enhanced AUDIT commands—in some cases, 150x faster—allowing you to run metadata audits frequently, even during heavy processing times. Identify and resolve corruption issues early, avoiding loss and inadvertent overlay of data. Both novice and experienced storage administrators will appreciate the productivity boost and control.

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