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Rocket® Mainstar® Database Backup and Recovery for IMS

Simplify IMS backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations for z/OS

Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for IMS (DBR for IMS) is a storage-aware backup and recovery solution. It integrates storage processor fast-replication facilities with IBM® IMS™ backup and recovery operations to allow instantaneous backups. You can support your recovery objectives while using less CPU, I/O and storage resources.

Rocket Mainframe Solutions

Reduce storage and operating costs. Recover fast. Relax.

Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for IMS maintains application availability instantaneously without affecting your running applications by creating instant point-in-time IMS system-level backups. This enables faster system restore and parallel application recovery, while reducing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

Database Backup and Recovery for IMS also creates a system-level backup that can be used for system recovery, application recovery, database recovery, or disaster recovery using disaster restart procedures. This reduces costs, as one backup can be used for multiple purposes.

The solution defines backup type, fast replication usage, volume mappings, and retention period options needed to perform and record a system-level backup, capturing them as mainframe profiles. Using these profiles, the solution automatically performs accurate IMS backups on a regular schedule to ensure your IBM zSystems® environment is constantly covered.