Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for Db2

Simplify Db2 backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations on z/OS

Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for Db2 (DBR for Db2) is a storage-aware backup and recovery solution. It integrates storage processor fast-replication facilities with IBM® Db2® backup and recovery operations to allow instantaneous backups, reduce recovery time, and simplify disaster recovery procedures for IBM zSystems® — using less CPU, I/O, and storage resources.

Rocket Mainframe

Minimize downtime. Reduce costs. Ensure successful recovery.

Using storage-aware backup processes, DBR for Db2 enables data to be backed up instantly without affecting running applications. It performs recoveries quickly using storage-based, fast-replication facilities to restore backups while invoking Db2 recovery processes in parallel to reduce overall recovery time and minimize application downtime.

DBR for Db2 uses an effective system level backup methodology that allows Db2 system-level backups to be used for multiple recovery purposes. This in turn saves CPU, I/O, and storage resources, which all work to reduce overall costs. An automatic validation feature checks that Db2 backups are complete and can be used for recovery. This ensures that data can always be restored.

DBR for Db2 scans and discovers Db2 systems, then analyzes them to provide configuration advice for data set layouts. When necessary, the solution can also move data sets to accommodate a Db2 system-level backup methodology.