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Rocket® Mainstar® Clone and Rename for IMS

Simplify and automate data cloning for your entire IMS subsystem

Many applications have critical requirements for quick and accurate IBM® IMS™ subsystem or database cloning. Rocket® Mainstar® Clone and Rename software allows administrators to clone entire IMS subsystems or select databases quickly and easily. Clone the subsystem or select databases to meet the need for production or development copies, recovery initiatives, query-only access, reporting or testing.

Rocket Mainframe

As demand rises for usable clones, database administrators are tasked with managing an increased amount of application environments. Traditional methods for creating these environments require downtime and are lengthy, resource-intensive, manual processes.

With Rocket Mainstar Clone and Rename for IMS (ICR), database administrators and storage administrators have a faster, cheaper, and non-intrusive subsystem and database cloning process that can help meet business demands. The Rocket solution uses storage-based fast-replication to copy the volumes that contain your IMS subsystem data and database data. Fast-replication allows all data to be replicated nearly instantaneously, reducing copy time to a sub-second window thus maximizing the availability of the source IMS subsystem. Using storage-based fast-replication also lowers the cost of cloning by offloading the host resources normally used to copy the data to the storage processor, saving host CPU and I/O resources.

Customers who cloned their entire production system have gone from a several-day process to an average of 30 minutes to complete the entire cloning process.