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Rocket® LDAP Bridge for z/OS

Tap mainframe security databases with bi-directional password sync

Vast amounts of critical information reside on your mainframe, stored in secure directories such as RACF, CA ACF2, and CA Top Secret. Rocket® LDAP Bridge software taps the potential of your IBM® z/OS® system by extending mainframe data to any enterprise-level identity management, access control, provisioning, or single sign-on application.

Rocket Mainframe

Real-time LDAP gateway to mainframe security databases saves money

Rocket LDAP Bridge provides a real-time LDAP gateway to mainframe security data, opening up a host of cost-saving opportunities from using that data more fully.

For example, by using LDAP to directly access the enormous amount of information stored on multiple directories, you can eliminate a whole host of middleware components and simplify the administration of multiple directories. In addition, Rocket LDAP Bridge negates the need to define or maintain users in yet another directory, virtually eliminating deployment and administration expenses for years to come.

When you use Rocket LDAP Bridge with existing z/OS security, you can reduce help desk calls, and thereby help desk costs. Get started today.