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Analyze JCL and Enforce JCL Standards and Syntax

A comprehensive JCL management solution

JCLPREP is a comprehensive JCL management solution that automates JCL changes, standards enforcement, conversion, and tuning, eliminating hours of exhausting programming for staff.

Flexible and easy to use, JCLPREP streamlines operations, improves your data center’s productivity, and reduces downtime in your production system by eliminating errors.

A Dynamic JCL Management Tool

JCLPREP is a dynamic JCL management tool with the ability to perform fully customizable standards enforcement, JCL conversions and corrections, as well as comprehensive reporting and optional reformatting.

Rocket-JCLPREP shields your organization against productivity losses by ensuring that job control management is performed accurately and according to pre-determined standards.

Assist in JCL standardization and reformatting to site standards
Validate JCL across multiple LPARs
Provide extensive cross-reference facility
Detect central syntax and runtime JCL errors, including DB2 and IMS control statements
Validate IDCAMS control statement members
Interface with Zeke


  • Improves the overall quality of JCL and reduces system downtime by eliminating runtime JCL errors before they occur
  • Increases the productivity of applications programming, production control, operations, systems programming, quality assurance, and other JCL users
  • Saves time and reduces errors by automatically validating and conditionally correcting JCL, reordering and re-aligning JCL to the desired format, and merging JCL from multiple data centers
  • Vital solution in any hardware or software project involving JCL used in single or multiple LPAR environments
  • Eliminates unnecessary, after-hours phone calls and validates corporate JCL coding standards
  • Automates change control process and decreases the time needed to implement projects