Rocket Process Insights

Total workflow visibility to help you set modernization priorities

Modernization has been an ongoing hot topic in meetings for a while now. You and your team know it must happen eventually, but the idea feels daunting. You and your team want this project to deliver bottom-line value to the business as soon as possible, and because of the C-level visibility on the project, the pressure is on.

The big question you need to answer is “Where do I start?”. Where should you prioritize work and resources to get the most value out of the modernization project for the business as quickly as you can?

Rocket Process Insights

Find out quickly and easily with Rocket® Process Insights


Rocket® Process Insights is a visual tool that enables you to see your workflows in totality, showing you the starting point on your modernization journey. Rocket Process Insights tracks the ways your organization engages with the data and business logic of your IBM i applications, so you can:

Give IT and business leadership a 360-degree view of the functions your IBM i applications perform
Use the information you’ve gleaned to build a smart modernization plan
Prioritize projects that best deliver higher value to the enterprise

Best of all, this isn’t a single-use tool. You can run Rocket Process Insights every time you start a new phase of your modernization plan.

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Drive eight types of fast, meaningful gains across your enterprise

Use Rocket Process Insights to:

Boost productivity
Modernize user experiences
Increase job satisfaction
Improve customer satisfaction
Strengthen customer retention
Ensure compliance
Control IT costs
Achieve high ROI

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Three things you won’t need with Rocket Process Insights

In-house IBM i RPG expertise—the tool can be used by developers and analysts alike
A specific type of terminal emulator—Rocket Process Insights is terminal-emulator-agnostic
Other vendors for execution—Rocket Process Insights is part of a connected modernization portfolio with a central management hub

Experience the Rocket® Software modernization continuum

At Rocket® Software, we’ve helped our customers do legendary things with their legacy systems for 30+ years. No one knows IBM i apps better. Our experience has taught us that a smart modernization plan demands a synergistic spectrum of tools, not a silver-bullet approach.

That’s why we designed Rocket Process Insights to work with Rocket® Modern Experience, Rocket® Process Automation (IBM i Edition), and Rocket® Process Integration. Together, they let you seamlessly move from analysis to implementation of your modernization plan in one smooth, uninterrupted sequence.

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