Legendary efficiency gains

Legendary efficiency gains

At Rocket Software, we’ve dedicated 30+ years to helping our customers get the most out of their legacy systems. Now we’ve drawn upon our uniquely deep experience to help you bring intelligent legacy automation to your workflows and processes. Unlike other solutions, our tools are built for legacy systems from the ground up.

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The right tools for end-to-end legacy automation. Purpose-built by the legacy experts.

Ever wonder what inefficient legacy workflows and processes can cost your enterprise?

Upwards of millions of dollars each year

Countless customers, frustrated with cumbersome processes and slow response times

Valuable employees, trading monotony for interesting, high value work

Data quality, which can erode as errors seep into your legacy systems

Stiff fines from regulatory violations—not to mention diminished brand equity

70+% of the world’s IT workload runs on legacy systems

Automation can be the answer. But it raises three big questions:

How do you tell which workflows and processes can be automated?

Do you have the right tools and expertise to make the necessary changes?

Are you missing hidden opportunities to achieve meaningful improvements?

You could try automating with the types of solutions used elsewhere in your enterprise. But those solutions weren’t designed with IBM® i (AS/400) or IBM zSystems® in mind. As a result, they likely won’t provide enough ROI to justify implementation.

Build an end-to-end automation strategy. No in-house legacy expertise required.

When you choose Rocket® Intelligent Legacy Automation (ILA) tools, our IBM i/Z expertise is woven into the tools so you can intelligently build out a smart automation strategy that includes each step:

Process Insights to identify prime opportunities for workflow automation
Automation Prioritization to help put improvements in the right order to deliver maximum value for your enterprise
Process Automation, making it easy to create automation robots and APIs
Process Integration, to improve business alignment by building APIs that integrate legacy applications with other critical business applications
Automation Management, to centralize control of how robots and APIs are developed and deployed

25% average improvement in client efficiency for a leader in Field Service Management


Transform your legacy workflows. Achieve legendary results.

Before Rocket® ILA

Inefficient workflows and processes

Low team productivity rates

Constant employee churn

Tedious tasks and multiple errors

Customer frustration over slow, cumbersome interactions

After Rocket® ILA

Greater business strength and resiliency

Meaningful productivity gains

High employee retention

Rapid innovation and speed to market

Increased focus on customer engagement, high customer satisfaction


Rocket had completed thousands of implementations, proving the technology was repeatable and robust enough to manage what we saw as a small window to position ourselves as the dominant player in a rapidly emerging market.

Neil Harvey

CTO, Kirona


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Frontline Insurance

Rocket has allowed us to breathe new life into our legacy system by allowing for the latest web-based user experience technologies.


Kurt Bonigut

CIO, Frontline Insurance


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