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Rocket® NXT

Make your content accessible and secure

Rocket® NXT is a secure, unified, browser-based enterprise search platform. With NXT, organizations can easily make content accessible on connected desktops, through digital media, or online using any browser on any device. NXT's web-responsive user interface automatically adapts to any device, so users can view content with no additional software required.

Secure, reliable access to important information

Rocket NXT offers a single integrated process for storing, assembling, securing, and delivering reference libraries on your corporate intranet, to your employees’ hard drives, over the web, to mobile devices, or on digital media. Its powerful search and navigation tools make information more available and valuable. Plus, it includes all the pieces you’ll need to keep your content current and control access to sensitive information.

With NXT, you can present information from different sources in a consistent, searchable format—even when that information is coming from an external content provider. Further, you’ll never have to worry about maintaining and integrating products from different vendors, which means less complexity, more unified processes and substantially lower costs.

Information that's easy to find and access, with security to match

It's important to ensure that your confidential content doesn't fall into the wrong hands. With Rocket NXT, your most valuable information is always secure, protected, and controlled—regardless of how people access it. Flexible access control capabilities allow you to give individuals or groups access to specific documents or libraries of information. You can also use NXT access control functions with your corporate directory services or existing access control systems.

To be useful, the information in your corporate reference library has to be accessible, and easy to locate and retrieve. With NXT, all the information you deliver includes a full-text index, table of contents, advanced search and navigation tools, and the same intuitive interface—no matter how your content is accessed. NXT search and navigation tools are specifically designed for professional researchers and go far beyond ordinary web search tools. These tools improve the productivity of everyone in your organization by allowing them to find and use the information they need more quickly.