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Rocket® Folio

Multi-user desktop content publishing and search platform

Rocket® Folio is a desktop-based enterprise search and publishing platform with a rich, multi-user editing environment. Publish information with useful features such as jump links and annotation, as well as powerful structure and mark-up capabilities. Ensure appropriate access to the right users at the right time, preventing all unauthorized access.

Gather, index, display, and search

Rocket equips organizations worldwide to share content at a low cost of entry and without professional services. Rocket Folio provides search, content management, and publishing that is accessible via the desktop or delivered on CD/DVD/USB.

The first step is to gather and enhance any combination of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content. Enrich your material by adding links to complementary documents, appending content with insightful notes, and highlighting critical details.

The next step is to assemble and index the information into an Infobase (a searchable and secure container), organizing it for search and navigation. Folio offloads the heavy lifting of information management with a unique approach to content gathering and indexing. The Infobase provides a wide variety of import filters, flexible automation, advanced security, and rights-management functions. It's a solution that’s easy to deploy without the support of an entire IT staff, database admins, or expensive professional services.

Share without giving up control

Rocket Folio manages the conversion of large volumes of source files into Infobase containers, providing complete control over the build process from the first steps of data conversion through the final steps of indexing and compression. Once configured, the steps required to create a final product can be saved and repeated with a single command. Updating content is quick and simple.

Our software lets information owners control who can access information, how information is used, how long they can use it, and the number of concurrent users. It can also generate passwords that unlock secure or expired data. When necessary, you can drill down to any level of granularity to meet security needs, all the way to the record level. Data can be distributed to many users while preserving control over who can access, edit, annotate, export, search, and print various document subsections, all while encryption technology from RSA® protects secured information from unauthorized use.