Rocket BlueZone Web

Simplify mainframe access to critical data & applications anywhere; anytime

Rocket BlueZone Web simplifies the mainframe by making it easy for your users to access host-based applications and data anytime, anywhere and on any device. It’s an easy first step in expediting your digital transformation and application modernization objectives. You can even combine the capabilities in BlueZone Web with the power of the Zowe open-source development framework using the BlueZone Web plug-in for Zowe.

Rocket BlueZone Web

Help your employees deliver a better customer experience

Rocket BlueZone Web delivers secure, browser-based emulation to any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices–whatever you need to best serve your customers. Freeing your users from fixed terminals in a back room or office allows them to be more productive and deliver better, more immediate customer support. Your proven mainframe applications run exactly as they have since they were written–the only difference is they’re now accessible from any browser, in any location where there’s an internet connection. With BlueZone Web, your in-store sales force remains focused on the customer, answering requests on-the-spot for item availability, ship dates, and price quotes. Warehouse employees are similarly empowered to understand what stock is coming in, perform on-demand pick reports, and file incident reports or other tickets at any time.

Deliver secure terminal emulation with zero-footprint

With Rocket BlueZone Web, you can give users access to host-based applications and data—anywhere, any time, and at reasonable cost.

BlueZone Web uses common Web standards end-to-end—Node.js, JavaScript, and HTTPS, SSL/TLS and SSH security and HTML5 web browsers—to provide a secure and intuitive terminal emulation experience. There’s no need for platform-specific client-software development, updates, or training—with nothing to install locally, and no plugins required. Security runs on the host through built-in connections to LDAP or SAF (RACF) for authentication, or you can use your installed identity management software.

Reduce IT overhead with simplified deployment

Rocket BlueZone Web replaces code-heavy green screen emulators with a secure, modern architecture. The terminal experience is delivered through a browser, eliminating the need for any locally-installed software and giving users access to host-based applications and data from their preferred laptop, tablet, or other mobile device. With simplified, automated deployment of updates and troubleshooting, IT teams are able to significantly reduce their support overhead and reallocate precious resources to more strategic projects. The web-based functionality also makes it possible to replace expensive PCs with lower-cost options; a consideration for even greater savings.

Licensing that works for your business

Rocket BlueZone Web features simple, all-inclusive licensing options that significantly lower your total cost of ownership, including concurrent or per-seat licensing, and reduced maintenance fees in comparison to first-generation emulators. In addition, all upgrades are automatically included in your annual maintenance subscription. Many customers see their terminal emulation costs go down in the first year, with further reductions taking place year-over-year with lower annual maintenance costs. With BlueZone Web’s single emulator, you get support for multiple terminal protocols as well as secure FTP connectivity. Each user can connect to the host systems he or she needs, without having to purchase a separate product for each platform.

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