Rocket BlueZone IBM Mainframe Emulation

Switch to BlueZone and save

You may not think there is such a quick and easy way to save money—but there is! If you are like other IT organizations we've worked with, the IBM  mainframe emulation software you've been relying on has probably been around for more than a decade, paid for annually without a second thought. You could be seriously overpaying for older or obsolete terminal emulation technology that is not only light on features but could pose real security risks. Our IBM mainframe emulation software can quickly and easily change that.

Our customers have identified significant savings on annual maintenance costs by simply switching to our BlueZone desktop terminal emulator solutions and the best part is that the process is painless.

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Taking the leap

Perhaps you think there's too much productivity risk involved with moving to a new IBM mainframe emulation solution. You may have invested months or years tailoring your solution to match your business needs. No one wants to repeat that effort. What you may not realize is that you can make the switch to our less expensive solution and still preserve the existing functionality you're accustomed to. We want to help you start saving money, while uncovering inefficiencies that might have been dragging down user productivity for years.

With our IBM mainframe emulation software, you get:
  • Migration: We can automatically convert existing scripts and macros to be 100% compatible with the replacement script environment—eliminating the need to customize all over again. You will not lose any of what you've been working on or changes already made.
  • Support: Rocket BlueZone supports all the features and functions you find in other IBM mainframe emulation solutions.
  • Safe and Secure: The highest levels of security and code integrity with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0), including secure FTP.
  • Tiny Footprint: The browser-based emulator download can be as little as 2.5 MB and our desktop installation is just over 10 MB for the typical configuration.
Super flexible IBM mainframe emulation.

A single emulator license gives you support for 3270, 5250, VT 52/100/220/320/420, ANSI, SCO-ANSI, WYSE 60, HP character and block mode, and secure FTP connectivity. Each user can make any number of desired connections. You don't have to purchase separate, additional products to support multiple protocols. Because Rocket BlueZone supports both Web and desktop, you don't have to buy separate licenses—simply take your pick and change your mind at any time! And as your users' needs change over time, you can have a smooth and transparent transition between Web and desktop IBM mainframe emulation at no additional cost.

Don't delay.  Take Rocket BlueZone for a 30-day test drive now.