Comprehensive terminal emulation at lower cost

Rocket Terminal Emulation solutions provide a cost-effective alternative to your aging emulator–including flexible licensing to meet the needs of today’s mobile workforce, comprehensive security, and significantly reduced total cost of ownership over time.

Rocket solutions include the Passport and BlueZone product families from the former Zephyr and Seagull Software acquisitions. If you're looking to migrate away from predatory pricing, unwanted audits, and rigid licensing schemas, we make it easy to move to a more current system. Our expert system engineers rely on proven, automated tools and best practices to convert scripts, macros, and configuration files from common terminal emulators. If you need further assistance, we offer professional services to help you transition.

Do you trust your terminal emulation vendor?

Accelerate migration with automated tools

Migrating to a new emulator can be daunting. We understand your business depends on host-based applications, and that preserving the customizations your employees rely on is paramount. We have more than 20 years of experience in successfully migrating customers from incumbent solutions. Our automated tools simplify the critical process of converting existing scripts, macros and configuration files. You can even match the look, feel, and features of your previous tool. A complete range of packaged services shifts any deployment burden to Rocket.

Simplify mainframe use with mobile and web access

Most organizations can improve productivity, deliver a better customer experience, and enhance revenue by giving employees mobile access to critical host-based applications. Use cases might include freeing warehouse employees from reliance on stationary terminals, giving sales clerks the ability to quote prices and respond to customer questions on demand, or allowing back-office employees to access data from a home computer.

With Rocket BlueZone Web, you can even take advantage of the Zowe open-source framework. The BlueZone Web plug-in for Zowe delivers a more complete terminal emulator experience within the GUI-based Zowe platform.

Significantly reduce total costs of ownership

Rocket BlueZone features simple, all-inclusive licensing options that significantly lower your total cost of ownership, including concurrent or per-seat licensing, and reduced maintenance fees in comparison to first-generation terminal emulators. In addition, all upgrades are automatically included in your annual maintenance subscription. Many customers see their terminal emulator costs go down in the first year, with further reductions taking place year-over-year with lower annual maintenance costs. With BlueZone’s single emulator, you get support for multiple terminal protocols as well as secure FTP connectivity. Each user can connect to the host systems he or she needs, without having to purchase a separate product for each platform.

We save you money on the back end too. Our centralized distribution features allow you to virtually eliminate network administration and the associated overhead support. In fact, one retail customer saw a 30% reduction in deployment times by eliminating manual efforts to individually update all PCs; as a result, they were able to redeploy staff to work on more strategic initiatives. Emulation clients ship with a very small footprint, with minimal storage needs. We offer a single client interface regardless of deployment methods: web-to-host, embedded web-to-host client, or served desktop client.

Emulation solutions that are scalable and secure

Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation is an infinitely-scalable, two-tier solution that’s compatible with any enterprise-class web server. No special application server is required.

BlueZone includes out-of-the-box support for SSL, TLS, SHA-2, and FIPS-certified cryptography, giving you the highest levels of security and code integrity. The software also includes BlueZone Secure FTP, which provides SSL/TLS and SSH connectivity to any compliant FTP server including IBM® i, z/OS® and z/VM®.

Finally, we offer flexible licensing that can be customized to your specific environment, eliminating much of the pain of deploying emulators to the users who need them.

Access multiple host-based systems from a single interface

Other terminal emulators typically require significant effort to manage and upgrade, especially when hundreds or thousands of users are spread across multiple sites. Rocket solutions help reduce IT overheard by supporting multiple applications via a single interface. Whether you’re trying to extend the reach of your corporate data to business partners or just trying to free up system resources, web-to-host terminal emulation makes it easy. Built with the needs of today’s web and mobile users in mind, our terminal emulation solutions are designed to be lightweight and easy to deploy.


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