Highly configurable terminal emulator at a fraction of the cost

Every organization with a mainframe, IBM® i, or other VT-based system needs a terminal emulator for host access. But not every terminal emulator is the same. 

A weak (or free) terminal emulator can disrupt the user workflow, creating discomfort and slowing processes. Further, many vendors rigorously pursue license compliance, auditing their users over each additional seat. 

Rocket® Terminal Emulator (formerly Rocket® BlueZone®) is a different kind of solution. Highly configurable, users can customize their environment to maximize comfort and efficiency. Its native security ensures your critical business data remains protected, while providing a cost-effective alternative that delivers exceptional value.

Switching from your existing terminal emulation solution is straightforward with our migration wizards and exceptional team supporting your move to Rocket Terminal Emulator. 

Do you trust your terminal emulation vendor?

Elevate productivity with an easy to use and intuitive terminal solution

Rocket Terminal Emulator enables each user to customize their terminal environment to feel familiar and comfortable. Users of host systems often have shortcuts and hot-keys configured specifically to their most often-used tasks.  With Rocket Terminal Emulator, many of those macros will easily migrate from your prior emulator.

Rocket Terminal Emulator includes hotspots to dynamically create clickable URLs, power pad functions to create configurable buttons, and local and network printing support.

Access critical systems from anywhere

Rocket Terminal Emulator provides anywhere access to IBM zSystems®, IBM i, and VT-based systems with a broad set of deployment options: 

  • Rocket Terminal Emulator (Web Edition) offers secure, browser-based emulation on any PC, tablet or mobile device
  • Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition) delivers a feature-rich alternative for users who prefer a thick client
  • Rocket Terminal Emulator also runs within the Zowe™ framework

An emulator that is scalable and secure

Security is a top priority for businesses, including those running critical data and applications on IBM i and/or IBM zSystems

Rocket Terminal Emulator helps you secure access to your core systems and data with strong, built-in security features, such as:

  • Compliance with industry standard cryptography protocols
  • Support for single sign-on SAML 2.0 Post and SAML 2.0 Redirect 
  • Multi-factor authentication support through Rocket and IBM MFA solutions for IBM i and IBM zSystems, as well as through Okta and Duo
  • SSL/ TLS 1.3 and SSH connectivity to any compliant FTP server
  • Optional SSL/TLS encryption and authentication for FTP, Telnet, and other persistent TCP/IP protocols

Rocket offers flexible licensing that can be customized to your specific environment, simplifying deployment to all your users.

Significantly reduce total costs of ownership

Rocket Terminal Emulator licensing is simple and all-inclusive.

  • Concurrent or per-seat licensing
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance fees
  • All upgrades are included in your annual maintenance

With the best pricing in the industry, most customers see costs drop while a single emulation solution addresses the needs of all your users, deployed rapidly through a central administrative console.

Accelerate migration with automated tools

We have more than 20 years of experience in successfully migrating customers to our terminal emulators. Our automated tools simplify the critical process of converting existing scripts, macros and configuration files. Our expert services team will support your transition and ensure your users experience no disruptions.


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