Rocket AS Client

A familiar look and feel for Rocket AS applications

Rocket AS Client is a Windows user interface to AS that provides a PC look and feel to existing AS applications with little or no effort. With editions of Rocket AS for both end-users of AS applications and developers, all of your organization's AS usage will benefit.

Rocket Mainframe Solutions

A modern, highly customizable GUI for Rocket AS

The Rocket AS Developer edition, built on the popular Java-based development environment Eclipse, provides significant productivity gains as you create, update and test your AS applications.

Rocket AS combines end-user functions with a rich application development language and specialized solutions in project management, business planning, statistics and linear programming. AS is used in countless ways across all industry sectors by customers who share a common goal: deliver broad access to large databases. AS is used by many different types of users including end-users (who value its intuitive interface for easy access to data) and programmers (who value its abilities as a rapid application development tool for IBM mainframe environments).

With the Eclipse-based Rocket AS Client, you have the familiar look and feel of a Windows interface to Rocket AS and AS applications, complete with menu bars, edit fields, check boxes and vibrant colors. Of course, if you prefer that the AS user interface looks the way it always has, simply use your IBM® 3270 theme—you can still make use of all the other enhanced features the AS Client provides.

You can run your Rocket AS applications on the PC. With little or no development effort, mainframe AS applications can be automatically converted to run as a PC application, with menu bars, check-boxes, radio buttons, dialog boxes and more—all with familiar operation for PC users.

A GUI for the next generation of developers

The Rocket AS Developer Client provides a modern, PC-based development environment, turning any developer into an AS application-producing powerhouse. Editing multiple procedures and tables, navigating your databases, and traversing your code have never been easier. Plus, the Eclipse-based IDE will feel like home to any engineer in your organization—even those who don’t normally work on AS applications.  

Rocket AS Developer enhances your productivity when creating, updating and testing AS applications. Output-boosting features include table explorer for browsing AS and IBM® Db2® data, simultaneous editing of several application components (by using windows), a command editor that provides syntax coloring, scrolling, drag-and-drop support, and comment expand and collapse, and an autosave history allowing you to see changes over the whole life of a procedure. With AS Developer, you’re on the road to a faster, easier, and more powerful development process.  

Once you’ve built your apps, Rocket AS Viewer allows you to present end-users with just the application window that is relevant to them. End users can immediately adopt and begin using the application, resulting in faster, organization-wide business results.