Improve capacity planning

Maximize storage ROI while minimizing storage costs

Rocket® Arkivio® can help by bringing new intelligence to capacity planning. Arkivio, for instance, monitors storage utilization and usage patterns. It can issue alerts based on utilization levels, and policies can be scheduled to act on data to relieve the constraint when a certain capacity threshold is reached. This assists in avoiding downtime caused by unexpected capacity shortages.

Use simulations to test migration & capacity planning scenarios

Rocket Arkivio’s simulation capabilities provide exciting tools for any kind of data planning. Different paths can be simulated and the results tested before actual execution. The administrator can test the effects of different migration scenarios and see how these scenarios affect capacity.

Sophisticated automation capabilities make capacity planning easier

Rocket Arkivio makes it easy to automate data distribution. Specific files, such as files that have passed their retention dates, log files, or temporary files, can be automatically deleted or migrated, or a file deletion/migration policy can be configured to delete or migrate files to relieve over-capacity situations. Policies can also be set up to act on data groups. Administrative tasks can be performed on groups of files, allowing administrators to easily manage large distributed environments. 

Arkivio reporting provides extensive information for capacity planners

Rocket Arkivio comes with an extensive selection of reports, including resource usage, data usage, and capacity planning. Resource usage reports provide details of storage resources and space consumed for all the storage managed by Arkivio. The reports also provide information on trends that is invaluable for capacity planning. Reporting time frames can be user specified. Data usage reports are useful for determining which files are being actively accessed. When files are moved, reports provide details regarding how much space is freed on the source volume and how much space is consumed on the target volume.

Arkivio provides all the information necessary to analyze storage usage and data trends, enabling effective capacity planning. Arkivio’s ability to define and manage groups of data along with its automation and alerting capabilities make capacity management even easier. Arkivio requires no server agents or network modifications and leaves no footprint in the production environment. It intelligently manages file system data and gathers storage information that assists an organization in evaluating data criticality and in selecting the most appropriate storage resource for each data classification. It . It’s an ideal solution for effective capacity planning.