Rocket Arkivio Autostor

Smart unstructured data management solution

Unstructured data makes up a majority of existing corporate data, and up to 80% of all new data. However, most organizations leave more than 83% of file data untouched for at least year — a huge waste of storage space and resources.

Rocket® Arkivio® Autostor is an unstructured data management software that helps you automate storage management and optimize backup processes so you can get your data under control and reduce storage costs.

Smart about data

Rocket Arkivio Autostor is an unstructured data management solution that discovers and classifies data into logical groups and organizes storage resources based on user-defined criteria. It then extracts intelligence to determine appropriate data management actions.

Arkivio Autostor works across multiple systems to copy, migrate, and retain files for the best availability, retention, and disposition of data over its lifecycle. Not sure about a data management strategy? Administrators can simulate policies before actual execution to better understand their scope and effectiveness. Once ready, the intelligent data mover migrates multiple files simultaneously while retaining security information across network devices.

Be well informed

Rocket Arkivio Autostor gathers information about file system metadata, storage capacity levels, and data usage trends to issue alerts. It aggregates millions of rows of metadata for complete, current, and customizable reports, enabling ROI analysis and storage capacity planning. 

Arkivio Autoexplore, a complementary offering, provides detailed information about each device, volume, and file in a heterogeneous storage environment, without requiring installation of any server agent. When combined with Rocket Arkivio unstructured data management, Arkivio Autoexplore creates a detailed storage audit.

Data migration made easy

Manually migrating unstructured data is a difficult, time-consuming process that involves a variety of tools, scripts, and inevitably, plenty of human errors. It always comes with scheduling problems, including not knowing when a migration is complete — and you must switch to a new system without the risk of losing or corrupting data.

With Arkivio Automigrate, another complementary offering, unstructured data migration is automatic, safe and non-disruptive.