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Rocket® SmartEdit™

Optimize development and performance for your applications

Rocket SmartEdit is the COBOL-intelligent editor for Existing Systems Workbench (ESW)

Integrated management for your company's existing systems

SmartEdit uses the Analytical Engine™ to provide COBOL program intelligence to the ISPF editor, facilitating any changes to COBOL application programs.

Increase your organization's comprehension of COBOL programs

Enables staff to quickly make changes to resume program production faster and improves application maintenance throughput.

With SmartEdit you can:
Reduce CPU resources for program compilation
Provide a graphic view of program structure
Host COBOL intelligent find facility
Feature view-included copybooks
Provide facilities for verifying COBOL syntax
Provide COBOL intelligent environment to quickly identify point-of-change
Verify COBOL syntax to conserve compile, setup, and execution time