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Rocket® Life Cycle Manager™

Optimize development and performance for your applications

Accurate change control in multiple software or document configurations for your organization

Quick and simple implementation

The Life Cycle Manager (LCM) Total Solution Package is a predefined, packaged solution that provides an intuitive environment for controlling changes throughout the software life cycle.

Role-based security model

LCM comprises all the necessary structures, configurations, and processes to manage code into production environments, complete with built-in approvals and email notifications.

With LCM, the developer drives the development process. The developer will export items from production, make changes, create the package, and import the changed code. When the package is complete, the developer requests the movement of the package into the next stage of the life cycle. After approvals and deployment, the developer receives notifications from LCM when the package updates the next-stage libraries, and again when the package is updated into PROD and the production libraries are updated.

• With Life Cycle Manager you can:
Track all changes and history, identifying who, when, and why changes were made
Provide a repository for applications undergoing changes
Streamline the definition of change packages, allowing users to deploy the package as a single unit
Automatically detect, track, and report dependencies between components
Automatically identify dependencies, ensuring the change package is complete
Perform what-if analysis of a change before an actual build
Perform auditing and versioning of all managed components