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Rocket® Encore™

Optimize Development and Performance for Your Applications

The COBOL reengineering component of Existing Systems Workbench (ESW)

Manage your organization's existing systems

Rocket Encore uses the Analytical Engine to populate the Application Knowledge Repository (AKR), so that code segments can be extracted based on business logic, user interface, and database access. 

Create ready-to-run COBOL components

Encore creates reusable COBOL components so you can leverage your mainframe applications and prepare for e-business.

With Encore you can:
Create reusable components that are based on user interface logic, data use logic, database access logic, code segments, and performance range
Produce COBOL components that are redeployed in other applications and on other platforms
Facilitate transition to e-business
Simplify integration of application and technology
Ease transition to new database technologies
Reduce maintenance costs for complex applications