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Rocket® Enterprise Suite improves application modernization for IBM mainframe PL/I and COBOL development and operations teams for re-deployment to a variety of production servers including Cloud. Our enterprise application knowledge, development, test, and workload deployment tools improve efficiency and time to market.


Update applications as needed to meet changing market needs.


Turn around changes more quickly with modern development processes.


Build the application once, but deploy it to many platforms as needed, including Cloud.

Our Products

Rocket® Enterprise Analyzer (formerly a Micro Focus product)

Application intelligence and analysis tooling for better business decisions.

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Rocket® Enterprise Developer for Z (formerly a Micro Focus product)

A modern IDE and more for IBM mainframe applications.

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Rocket® Enterprise Test Server (formerly a Micro Focus product)

Manage test capacity, meet demand, improve quality.

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Rocket® Enterprise Server (formerly a Micro Focus product)

A flexible, scalable application deployment environment for IBM mainframes.

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Rocket® Enterprise Server for .NET (formerly a Micro Focus product)

Enabling mainframe workloads for cloud.

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