Modernization for IBM i

Update your IBM i assets for today’s business needs

For many organizations, core IBM i (AS/400) applications have served successfully as the basis of their business operations for decades. As an IBM partner with a keen focus on IBM i, we help thousands of companies preserve and expand the value of their IBM i investments by modernizing host-based applications to meet today’s business needs and user expectations.

For many organizations, modernization on the IBM i platform is a vastly more sensible approach than costly and risky alternatives such as migrating to an entirely new (and unproven) system. Rocket modernization solutions harness the power of IBM i systems, enabling companies to add new user experiences, workflows, and capabilities with no impact to the source code, which ensures that your IBM i investments continue to pay dividends. 

Narrowing the skills gap

Many organizations struggle to maintain and evolve their IBM i applications as IT workers retire and take their deep knowledge of these systems with them. For businesses that run on IBM i-based systems, the resulting skills shortage can prevent them from advancing these systems to provide the usability and functionality that are required today. In rapidly changing industries such as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation, core business systems need to keep pace with the evolving needs of the business—quickly, effectively, and at low cost. Rocket modernization solutions help to restructure these systems so that even newer IT staff can make changes quickly, helping to get new capabilities into the hands of employees, customers, and partners.

Enhance employee productivity while reducing onboarding costs

While helping you update your application front end is just a small piece of Rocket’s modernization strategy, new GUIs and the underlying changes behind them are extremely important. They help companies reduce training time for new employees, improve employee retention, improve customer service levels, and even improve customer self-service options.

Streamlined onboarding lowers the cost of training, helping employees be productive from day one. Call center staff, for example, are up and running faster because the UI feels similar to other mobile and web technologies they use. More intuitive navigation makes their jobs easier, leading to increased productivity, better service, fewer mistakes, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and even increased revenue.

Get to mobile and web fast – no coding required

Today’s B2B and B2C users expect digital experiences that provide real-time information about accounts, balances, orders status, inventory, and more–any time, anywhere, and from virtually any device. If you don’t provide it, your competition will, so the stakes are high. The challenge? Building modern web and mobile applications quickly, using the business knowledge embedded in your reliable IBM i applications, without risking interruptions to normal business operations.

Rocket modernization solutions make it possible for you to turn IBM i workflows and data from any green-screen application, web service, or data source (SQL or otherwise) into RESTful APIs, integrating the discrete functionality you need into new or existing web and mobile applications. Your users get the data and functionality they expect no matter where they are, while you avoid the potentially massive costs and risks of rebuilding your enterprise application portfolio to meet these new use cases.


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