cURL for z/OS

Of all the various tools that help users send and receive files over the internet, cURL remains the programmer’s favorite. Its enhanced functionality, along with its low price-tag (free!), means that cURL can be found wherever internet transfers are needed. Be it in your TV, your router, your printer, or your personal computer, cURL is ubiquitous. It’s such a useful tool for a wide variety of applications that the creators of cURL estimate that there may be as many as one billion users of their product around the world. Now, thanks to Rocket Software’s cURL for IBM® z/OS®, mainframe programmers can count themselves among these users and take full advantage of cURL’s helpful tools.

cURL, as its name suggests, is designed to work with URLs—it allows the user to "see" the URL. cURL's specialty is internet protocol transfers, usually transfers for resources specified as URLs. cURL is run from the command line, where users can query URLs and receive that site’s content. A perfect task for cURL for instance, would be an analysis that involves sampling a lot of web pages. cURL is also helpful for testing a sequence such as: logging in—uploading a file—logging out. And for those working with APIs, cURL is ideal because it allows APIs to be tested from the command line without needing to be installed.

Many computer languages use cURL to access network files, and there are special bindings, such as PHP/cURL, that facilitate the use of advanced features. cURL can also be used to analyze behavior in a far more specific fashion than testing with a web browser would allow. This is because cURL permits testing that focusses only on server-side logic, allowing you to eliminate the distraction of worrying about JavaScript or other browser complexities.

Our ported cURL for z/OS is just one example of Rocket Software's wholehearted commitment to democratizing mainframe development. It's one of more than 30 open source languages and tools Rocket has released for IBM z Systems® mainframes, each of which is absolutely free. Rocket has modified these 30+ languages and tools to operate on IBM z13® and z13s® systems in order to extend the main programming environment and make it friendly for programmers who lack conventional mainframe language skills. All 30+ tools are supported on z/OS 1.12 and up.