Bash for z/OS

Bash: An essential part of the developer’s toolkit

Access the command line of any UNIX-like operating system and there’s a good chance you’ll find a Bash shell. Designed originally for the GNU project in 1989, Bash has since become the default shell on both Linux and macOS, making the ability to work with it an essential skill for any software developer.

Bash, which stands for “Born Again Shell,” was designed as a replacement for the Bourne shell, which was the standard at the time. The Free Software Foundation licenses Bash at no charge, along with all other software in the GNU project. They claim Bash offers many improvements over Bourne, including unlimited size command history, job control, and indexed arrays of unlimited size. Bash also offers many features now standard among command processers, including filename globbing, command substitution, variables, and control structures (iteration and condition-testing). Now, thanks to Rocket Software, this essential tool is available for use on the mainframe. Best of all—Bash for IBM® z/OS® is absolutely free.

Rocket Open Source Languages & Tools for z/OS bring popular development tools to the mainframe

It’s no secret by now that one of the challenges facing the mainframe community is an IT skills gap. As universities and other programming education institutions turn away from teaching traditional mainframe skills like COBOL, the onus is on mainframe businesses and the larger mainframe community to develop creative ways to keep the skills gap from turning into crisis of resources.

Thankfully, software vendors and others in the mainframe ecosystem are actively working to reverse this decline in qualified mainframe talent. Rocket Open Source Languages & Tools for z/OS are helping to democratize the mainframe programming environment, and help stop the talent drain. By making 30+ open source languages and tools (like Bash for z/OS) available on the mainframe, Rocket Software is helping lower the barrier entry to mainframe programming. New mainframers can use these free tools to begin coding big iron in hours, programming it just like they would any other computer.

Unlock the mainframe for machine learning, data science, and more with Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS

Beyond providing new mainframers an easy way into the mainframe development ecosystem, Rocket’s Open Source Languages & Tools are also aimed at helping businesses harness the power of the mainframe. Thanks to these languages and tools, your data scientists can pursue machine learning and data analytics project on your organization’s mainframe without special mainframe skills. This also expands the mainframe talent pool for your business’s digital transformation initiatives.

Like all 30+ Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools, Bash for z/OS is completely free to IBM Z® mainframe owners. Rocket has enhanced these 30+ languages and tools to operate on IBM z14® systems, extending the mainframe programming environment and increasing accessibility for programmers who lack conventional mainframe language skills. All 30+ tools are supported on z/OS 1.12 and up. Rocket Open Source Language and Tools are just one more example of our wholehearted commitment to democratizing mainframe development.