Why Choose Rocket Mainframe Solutions?

Why Choose Rocket Mainframe Solutions?

With solutions focused on data management, performance optimization, catalog and system management, disaster recovery, storage management and security, the largest companies in the world rely on Rocket® mainframe solutions to support their payroll processing, timely healthcare diagnoses, banking transactions, mutual fund deposits, flight reservations, and more. Our teams have deep experience in mainframe technologies including zSystems/OS, Db2, IMS and CICS, and as a founding member of the Zowe initiative, we’re committed to the mainframe’s open-source future.

Access the mainframe from web, mobile and PC

The computing world has gone mobile, and your mainframe users expect instant access to applications and data no matter where they are, or what device they may be using.

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Narrow the zSystems/OS skills gap for your developers

Organizations around the world need to replace retiring mainframe developers, but are finding that new developers need extensive training before they can be productive.

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Keep mainframe data safe and secure

For many organizations, digital transformation projects represent an opportunity to make better use of their data, and these projects are driving an increased need for secure access to it.

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Mainframes are at the heart of our business

Since our founding, mainframe innovation has been at the core of what we do. Rocket helps businesses maximize the ROI of their mainframe investments—both through Rocket-branded products as well as solutions developed in partnership with IBM. Our investment in mainframe development increases by double digits every year. With 800+ developers in 20 labs throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, we continue to hire some of the best and brightest mainframe developers around the world, and help nurture the next generation of mainframe professionals.


“Our work in cloning the Db2 database has been reduced by more than half...The quicker we are in delivering better and faster applications, the more productive and competitive the whole of KKH is.”

— Petra Dießel
Database Organizer KKH Hanover
KKH Statutory Health Insurance Fund


Innovating on the Mainframe to help extend your investment

At Rocket, we’re committed to helping you take care of your business today while innovating for tomorrow. That’s why we’re focused on developing new products that help mainframe customers harness the new worlds of cloud, mobile and social computing, using familiar languages and tools. Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS is a free suite of 30+ popular languages and tools that Rocket has released for IBM zSystems mainframes.

Mainframe users around the world are racing to adapt to the new realities of cloud and mobile computing. Users expect that data and applications will be as readily available on mobile devices and on the cloud as they are on desktop clients, which can mean a significant amount of new application coding. We’ve made a significant investment in solutions that allow mainframe users to easily transform proven applications and system-of-record data using modern APIs that enhance developer productivity and accelerate the delivery of new business services.

A unique, enduring partnership with IBM

Over the years, we’ve worked with IBM to develop new, innovative products and services for mainframe customers, and many of our top developers and executives are former IBMers. IBM has even trusted Rocket to take ownership of products such as the UniVerse and UniData® application database management systems, and the continued curation of over 30 open source languages and tools for IBM zSystems. You’ll often find Rocketeers working with IBM developers in their offices (and vice versa), as well as presenting alongside IBMers at events such as SHARE and IBM’s own events. Rocket thought leaders frequently blog on IBM’s Smarter Planet and Destination z websites. And, you’ll see Rocket partnering with IBM on innovative solutions such as IBM® Open Data Analytics for z/OS®.


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