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Rocket Software Launches Rocket Support for Zowe to Modernize Mainframe Application Development

13 September, 2022


Rocket Support for Zowe delivers security, applications and support for the Zowe open-source platform for z/OS, enabling any developer to modernize and accelerate mainframe application development

Press Release

WALTHAM, Mass. — September 13, 2022Rocket Software, a global technology leader that develops enterprise software for some of the world’s largest companies, today announced it has launched Rocket® Support for Zowe, a supporting offering for the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe® open-source framework for z/OS® and its multiple modern interfaces.Rocket Support for Zowe provides customers with 24/7 support for Zowe core components, improved security and exclusive desktop applications.

Open-source software accelerates IBM Z® application development and delivery through modern tools that drive automation and integration to and from the mainframe.2 However, without development support, it can create security and compliance risks and can be difficult and time consuming to maintain. Waiting on vulnerability fixes from the open-source software community can open an organization to a multitude of risks.

Rocket Support for Zowe reduces this risk by providing customers with 24/7 support for their security, compliance and maintenance needs. Rocket Support for Zowe also provides exclusive virtual desktop applications like Rocket USS Process Manager, which monitors all UNIX® System Services, the operating system host to much of Zowe. More exclusive desktop applications will continue to become available in the near and long term as Rocket Software continuously improves Rocket Support for Zowe.

Open-source software is also key to providing the next generation of IT professionals – who may be unfamiliar with the mainframe – with familiar languages and tools that make it easy for them to manage the mainframe similar to the way they work with other platforms. Rocket Support for Zowe offers unique synergies when used with Rocket® Open AppDev for Z, an open-source DevOps solution providing services and support for over 20 open-source languages and tools—including Git®, Python®, cURL and Bash—that enable the mainframe to be another valuable platform in a DevOps infrastructure.3

Rocket Support for Zowe will enable any developer to improve upon and expedite mainframe application development and delivery with secure and supported open-source software innovation for z/OS.

“Rocket Software is a proud founding member of Zowe, which has been an open-source software framework for z/OS, providing interoperability and scalability among products through the Open Mainframe ProjectTM since 2018,” said Phil Buckellew, President, Infrastructure Modernization Unit, Rocket Software.4 “Rocket Support for Zowe will relieve the challenges of open-source software for Rocket customers and accelerate mainframe application development.”

“Mainframe modernization is rapidly becoming the most critical component of the hybrid cloud evolution of the platform. The Open Mainframe Project, particularly Zowe, is a key part of this trend and represents a significant opportunity for mainframe clients looking to embrace open-source and modernize,” said Steven Dickens, Senior Analyst at Futurum Research. “Rocket Software continues to play an important role in leading the evolution of open source on the mainframe, which I believe will gain market momentum as mainframe customers seek to modernize their deployments. An enterprise-grade, fully supported Zowe deployment is the goal for many clients, and Rocket is providing that."

To learn more about Rocket Support for Zowe, visit the product page. For more about the power of open source, visit Rocket Software’s blog.

1 “Zowe” is a trademark of the Linux Foundation. “z/OS” is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

2 “IBM Z” is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

3 “Python” is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation.

4 “Open Mainframe Project” is a trademark of the Linux Foundation.

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