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Are enterprises getting the most out of their data?

10 May, 2023
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Data is the new oil in the age of Digital Transformation and companies with underutilized data are fuel-inefficient cars of the past. Many business leaders recognize data as their company’s most valuable asset, but not all have the processes and tools to unlock their full potential. In Rocket Software’s Content Management: The Movement to Modernization survey last year, 81% of respondents indicated that at least some of their enterprise data was retrieved, processed and stored but never used.

Organizations that have not improved their data management processes to account for non-traditional records and other unstructured data face risks such as non-compliance with data governance regulations and missing opportunities to be competitive.

With the migration to cloud systems, many businesses have been able to ease the challenges of remote and hybrid work during the pandemic. According to a PWC survey, 72% of Singaporean respondents..

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