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Rocket + Zia: How Automation Fixes Insurance Company Content Management Problems

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1:00 PM EDT

Customers choose insurance companies that are easy to work with. But insurance companies are tasked with a contradictory goal: improving profitability while delivering world-class customer service. How can you differentiate in today’s highly commoditized insurance market?

Join Eric Howse, Enterprise Sales Director at Zia Consulting, and William Davit, Senior Account Executive at Rocket Software, for an interactive webinar on how Zia Consulting and Rocket Software are at the forefront of helping insurance companies use first-rate automation to manage content and improve the customer experience.

Sign up and see a collection of case studies and real-world ROI while learning more about:

  • Moving repositories and apps to the cloud and implementing modern ways to work with legacy insurance systems
  • Improving onboarding, turnaround times, and resolution rates
  • Automating the underwriting, new business, and claims process
  • Reducing clerical and data entry errors