Digital Transformation and the Mainframe

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Bridging the gap between mainframe applications and modern technology trends in a way that leads to business-critical IT

There is a common misconception that the mainframe is on its way out, but new research tells us a different story. If mainframes are here to stay, what does modern IT look like when developers take advantage of technology trends like cloud computing and open-source languages and tools? And how does a business need to shape its IT teams and business processes in order to make the alignment between mainframe and modern trends successful?

In this webinar guest presenter Bill Martorelli, Forrester Principal Analyst, will discuss some of Forrester’s research and analysis around mainframe, cloud computing, and open-source usage including:

  • The importance of mainframes in the next two years
  • 2019 modernization trends
  • The growing role of cloud and open source in the mainframe environment
  • Best practices for migrating to the cloud and leveraging open source on the mainframe

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