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Are You Ready for a Possible Recession?

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10:00 AM CDT (11:00 AM EDT)


Jeroen van Dun
Senior Manager, Product Management • Power & Cloud Product Management

The global economy continues its volatile 2023 trajectory. Tech giants are laying off thousands; others are tightening budgets. While a “digital first” strategy can build resiliency to a recession, often IT either punts on including IBM i in its project or only includes certain applications and workloads. In this webinar, Jeroen van Dun, Senior Manager, Product Management, will review an IDC report about why the IBM i platform plays a crucial role in “digital first” strategy and how approaching it holistically creates more resiliency for the future.

Join us to discuss:

  • How viewing IBM i modernization as purely an innovation play could be hurting your organization’s ability to build resilience to economic volatility through risk reduction and improved ROI 
  • How the IBM i as a system delivers unique and valuable business benefits such as lower total cost of ownership, backward compatibility, and a platform for innovation at a lower operational expense
  • What the benefits are when businesses include modernizing the full IBM i environment as part of their “digital first” strategy
  • What some of those "digital first” projects can look like on the IBM i and how to approach building the project plans, including:
    • CI/CD
    • Building a continuous modernization process that includes process discovery
    • Cost effective, web-enabled IT