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Universe 12 Now Available

Julianna Cammarano

July 2, 2019

The Rocket MultiValue team is excited to announce general availability of UniVerse 12. This release truly provides something for everyone. At its core, and I mean that literally, we rearchitected how data is processed resulting in greater performance and increased security. We added a larger, configurable shared memory buffer which allows for faster retrieval of frequently used files which reduces latency. The impetus behind a new architecture was to provide customers with a recoverable file system (RFS) to complement their HA/DR strategy. This becomes increasingly important as more and more customers realize the importance of ensuring business continuity and never losing a single transaction. Now with RFS enabled, the system buffer generates before and after image logs prior to committing data to disk, for improved system protection. If an outage or failure occurs, RFS will use the image logs to restore to the last complete transaction.

For those of you that aren’t concerned with HA/DR, then what about those ongoing audits you face; perhaps you deal with GDPR, SOX or HIPAA or internal corporate audits? If you are one of the many people faced with preparing for audits, you know the grueling task of compiling all the required data and reports. With UniVerse 12, we’ve made your life a bit easier. Now with Change Data Capture, audit logs will not only capture who made changes to a file and when, but also what data changed at the field level instead of the entire record. This provides the granular detail most mandates require. To address audit files that become excessively large which require significant disc space, we’ve added automatic audit compression to decrease space needed. A non-compression function is also available for direct viewing.

Perhaps you’re one of the many customers who’s adopted Python in your development strategy and wondering what’s in the UniVerse 12 mix for you? I’m happy to report that we’re continuing to extend our platform to provide a full stack Python solution. AIX is now a supported platform and we’ve upgraded our library support to 3.7, giving developers access to new and improved modules, syntax, and features that will help enhance your existing MV applications.

To improve levels of transaction performance above and beyond what the new architecture provides, field-level updates, previously mentioned in the Audit logging section, have been added to the replication process and to BASIC coding with a new FIELDWRITE BASIC function, giving every application faster performance.

I’m confident that there’s something for everyone reading this post. I’ve only mentioned the first ones that pop into my head. I invite you to explore more and find out for yourself what everyone has been anxiously waiting for. Visit RBC to find out first-hand.