Rocket Software Mobius 12: The Benefits of Upgrading

Sue Strauss

January 26, 2023

Rocket Software’s content management services platform, Mobius, was developed to help enterprises increase their agility and connectivity to simplify data migration and modernization efforts. With its latest upgrade, Mobius 12 has enhanced its flexibility and scalability, which is essential for content management teams looking to modernize content processes and increase the efficiency, productivity and security of your data governance operations.

Agile organizations recognize the data modernization journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Your team requires unfettered access to business content from any device and location to maximize productivity. Rocket Software’s Mobius 12 offers both a cloud-native and true hybrid-cloud platform, enabling your team to deploy and run Mobius 12 from any environment—on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud—creating an everywhere, anytime workforce for your business operations.

And, Mobius 12’s connectivity simplifies data migration projects by enabling your team to implement a staged, iterative approach as your data is migrated, eliminating the business disruptions caused by large-scale “rip and replace” strategies. Organizations can get the best of cloud innovation while leveraging the security and reliability of the mainframe as they modernize.

Mobius 12 IT Accelerators

Rocket Software’s Mobius 12 drives efficiency and productivity by automating processes to locate, centralize, share and govern information across your enterprise. Mobius delivers pre-configured applications and out-of-the-box accessibility for rapid deployment and immediate value.

Mobius 12 IT accelerators:

  • Eliminate data silos using existing application integration: bring your own BI tools. We’ve liberated your data, and it’s cloud-ready!
  • Enable fast innovation through low code/no code application software
  • Get you to the cloud fast with easy installation and deployment using Docker & Kubernetes

Regardless of which business intelligent tools you leverage, Mobius 12 makes your data and content-centric processes cloud-ready—enabling your data management team to fully optimize your most valuable information.

Enhanced user experience & data security

When it comes to operational efficiency, businesses depend on the intuitiveness and advanced functionality of their content management software to streamline data management processes. Rocket Software’s Mobius 12’s improved user experience helps teams streamline data management processes using enhanced features that enable:

  • Single search across disparate systems
  • Intelligent data extraction (while viewing a document)
  • Redaction of personal information (not in the database but at time of retrieval)
  • The bundling of multiple downloads into a single file

Through advanced intelligent automation, Rocket Software’s Mobius 12 streamlines content workflows and simplifies data governance, allowing your team to implement a successful and disciplined records management strategy that ensures compliance with external regulations and internal policies, lowering risk by providing:

  • Simplified, automated records retention and reduction
  • Ensured long-term preservation of critical content
  • Effortless viewing of information governance via dashboards
  • Enhanced corporate accountability and compliance

Rocket Software’s Mobius 12 upgrade makes content management even quicker and easier for data management teams and enables organizations to fully utilize their applications—while its innovative and intuitive design generates a faster and more cost-effective software adoption process.

Let Rocket Software accompany you on your data modernization journey, beginning with your upgrade to Mobius 12. Let’s schedule a roadmap session to get you up to speed!