Rocket Folio/NXT

Rocket Folio/NXT

Finding the right content across the organization can be a challenge and a source of frustration for your employees, customers, partners and suppliers, preventing them from being as productive and efficient as possible.  Your content (Word docs, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files and information from CRM, HR, ERP databases) resides in a multitude of repositories making it difficult to get a single view of the information.

The Rocket Folio/NXT Enterprise Search solutions help solve this problem.  Our all-in-one content publishing, comprehensive indexing and sophisticated search solutions help retrieve all of this information from a single search box making it easier to deliver the most relevant content for your users who rely on immediate access to information to make well-informed decisions.

Rocket FolioNXT solutions offer:

  • A ‘Google-like” search experience for your users based on natural language keywords
  • Ability to make your content accessible online or offline from your hard drive
  • Responsive web design ensures a seamless user experience across any operating system, phone, tablet and desktop
  • Tight security controls to protect sensitive and confidential information
  • Scalable solution to grow with you as the volume of your data grows
  • A pre-built html user interface enables you to  get up-and-running in 2-3 days or less
  • No programming/development expertise required to deploy resulting in a more cost-effective option compared to other solutions

When it comes to information search and publishing, your organization has unique requirements based on your industry.  Learn more about our solutions for:

Commercial Publishers | Legal Services | State Government


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