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The Rocket Folio/NXT Product Suites are designed to help commercial and corporate publishers gather, index, search and display their information and deliver the most relevant content to their users enabling them to get answers to their questions quickly and make more informed decisions.

Rocket Folio provides a high-performance, Windows-based information retrieval application for professionals who rely on immediate access to information to make decisions. Rocket Folio Views’ primary use is robust, offline text searching within collections of free-format, mission-critical information, regardless of size.

Rocket NXT is complete electronic publishing suite for storing, assembling, securing and distributing content online, CD/DVD, on mobile devices or within corporate intranets, with rapid search and intuitive navigation.

Whether you’re a commercial publisher looking to increase your revenues and decrease your production costs or a corporate publisher wanting to reduce your compliance risk and decrease your production costs, the Folio or NXT Product Suite is the right information delivery solution for you.

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